Body Heat Mimicking Mosquito Trap


When summer comes, there is nothing quite like spending some time sitting on the patio or balcony if your home happens to have one (or both), watching the sun set, and sipping on a pina colada. Unfortunately, some of us live in a place where there is this pesky insect known as mosquitoes, and getting rid of them can be quite a task. Since we all know that prevention is far better than cure, how about picking up the $599.95 Body Heat Mimicking Mosquito Trap for your home?

This is one mosquito trap that relies on a different kind of “gimmick”, where it is touted to realistically mimic human body heat production in an effort to attract and eliminate mosquitoes across the space of an entire acre. This unit is capable of generating constant heat from the center to mimic the human neck, and there is also intermittent heat on its dome which will trick mosquitoes into thinking the warm spots are human veins, hence doing its bit to draw them closer to the trap. Odorless carbon dioxide is produced using propane to lure these pests, and the inclusion of a blue light, which is a color to which mosquitoes are naturally attracted to, will help enhance its lure.

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