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I have quite a few cameras. That being said I usually don’t have one with me when those magical moments happens, but since the advent of the Smartphone (and their enhanced picture capabilities) I very rarely miss a shot anymore. Of course now, all the pics and videos are on my phone which leads to that annoying “hand around the phone before the pic disappears” ritual that takes place at 1000’s of tables every day.

Well check out Plair… a new device designed to end those awkward hot potato type shenanigans with a nifty paddle shaped dongle that can instantly offer you content streaming from your computer or mobile device straight to your TV screen. No box, no wires and no need for a Smart TV!  To connect Plair to your TV you just need to be sure it has an HDMI port, then once you plug it in and connect it to your wireless network you can beam your videos and pics right to the big screen, even while youre surfing the net.

Sure, if you’re an Apple family you already had AirPlay, but Plair works with PC, Mac and iOS or Android devices and it seems pretty plug and play, and the way it streams directly it doesn’t seem to harbor a bunch of buffering issues and it won’t tie up your device for the duration of the stream which frees you up to chat with friends while watching Downton Abbey or the video of your daughters 3rd grade dance recital.

So if you don’t grab a lot of content via iTunes, and if you’re willing to wait and see if Hulu or Netflix eventually climb on board then you really should check out Plair, or order one now, on a first come first serve basis from for only 99 bucks!


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