Kinivo BTX350 wireless Bluetooth speakers


If you have not heard of a company that goes by the moniker Kinivo, fret not, you are not the only one. Doing a little bit of digging has revealed a whole lot more information about Kinivo, where they are producers of superior quality accessories for mobile devices, and their latest foray into the wireless Bluetooth speaker market would come in the form of the Kinivo BTX350. The Kinivo BTX350 will be able to stream music from just about any Bluetooth-capable device, delivering exceptionally clear sound without compromising on its portable form factor. After all, it certainly is rather difficult to argue with a device that measures a mere 8” x 3” in height, no?

The Kinivo BTX350 wireless Bluetooth speaker will sport a class-D amplifer that packs dynamic audio into a perfectly portioned speaker, making it the ideal companion for those who hate the sound of silence, whenever one travels, or is involved in outdoor activities that needs a little music to perk things up, or simply for music lovers who want to share their pride and joy (their eclectic playlist, of course) with the rest of the “barbarians” (read: folks who do not appreciate the kind of music they listen to).

Kinivo CEO Sharad Mittal said, “We combined the sleek design of our BTX450 and the portability of our ZX100 to craft the ultimate travel speaker. Pack the new BTX350 and rechargeabe battery into your suitecase while traveling, carry it in your beach bag for summer activities, or let it seamlessly complement any home décor.”

You should be able to enjoy up to 5 hours of non-stop portable entertainment with the Kinivo BTX350 using its rechargeable battery, and just in case you do not own any Bluetooth capable devices, fret not, as the Kinivo BTX350 will also include an optional 3.5 mm cable for universal compatibility. Those who are interested will be able to pick up the new Kinivo BTX350 for $39.99, and this introductory price is not going to last too long.

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