Hoseless Evaporative Cooling Fan


When it comes to summer, the mercury certainly takes quite a jump up, don’t you think so? This would cause us to go scampering for more frequent baths, as well as turning on the air conditioner or fan. Well, for some of us who so happen to have a patio or deck at our homes, fitting an outdoor fan is always a good idea (also to chase those pesky mosquitoes away!), but an even better idea would be an evaporative cooling fan that when it does its job properly, would not only keep you nice and cool, it helps keep things wetter than normal. Enter the $399.95 Hoseless Evaporative Cooling Fan.

The Hoseless Evaporative Cooling Fan is said to be able to reduce the air temperature by as much as 30º F, where it gently mists the surrounding area. Using a trio of patented nozzles to create micro-fine droplets that feel dry to the touch and evaporate almost instantly, the Hoseless Evaporative Cooling Fan comes with a 2 3/4-gallon reservoir that allows you to enjoy up to 5 hours of uninterrupted misting, where you can also adjust the density of mist adjusts with a simple turn of a dial. Boasting weather-resistant powder-coated metal and plastic construction, the Hoseless Evaporative Cooling Fan will feature a couple of wheels on the base which lets you move it around in a jiffy.

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