Cell Phone Call Clarifying Telephone


“Yes? Hello, I cannot hear you. Can you speak up please?” might be the phrase or statement that you hear rather frequently if the reception in your area does not exactly live up to its promise when you signed that spanking new two year agreement, and neither does it represent what the ads of that particular mobile carrier promise. Perhaps you might need some assistance from the outside, and this is where the $199.95 Cell Phone Call Clarifying Telephone comes in handy.

The Cell Phone Call Clarifying Telephone, as its name suggests, is an amplified cordless telephone which will go about its duty to amplify and enhance the clarity of cell phone calls. All incoming cell phone calls will be routed sans wires using Bluetooth technology to the cordless telephone, where a single touch of a button would further amplify and clarify the caller’s voice through the clever use of elevating high-frequency sounds and dampening distracting background noise. Apart from that, this telephone will enable users to increase the call volume up to 50 dB, as well as adjust the tone for optimal clarity. There are LEDs located on the base and cordless handset which will flash to signify incoming calls, while the unit’s ringer volume can be turned up to 95 dBs.

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