Case Scenario Pantone Universe Bookcase announced for iPad mini and iPad


It goes without saying that after you have forked out a fair amount of money for your spanking new iPad or iPad mini, taking months of savings along the way, that you would want to do your very best to ensure that it does not garner scratches whenever possible, and of course, it also makes perfect sense that you would want to coddle the iPad from knocks and even worse, drops. What’s one to do then? Well, getting a decent tablet case for your iPad is a no-brainer here, but with so many models to choose from, what do you do then? Case Scenario might have something right up your alley, with the Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPad Mini and iPad been announced.

This trendy Pantone Universe Bookcase has been crafted from premium soft nubuck leather, where it boasts of a front cover in order to keep both the front and back of the iPad Mini and iPad protected from those unwanted details – namely scratches, dust and dirt. On the front cover of the Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPad Mini and iPad cases, you will be able to fold these into a couple of standing positions – catering for both landscape and viewing angles, which makes it ideal for FaceTime chatting, typing and browsing the internet.

When it comes to color choices though, the Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPad mini can be said to be rather limited, where one will be able to pick from a couple of sleek colors, namely Scarlet Sage (19-1559) and Tap Shoe (19-4004), for $50 a pop over at Ron Robinson. If you do not own an iPad mini, but an iPad instead, you would be in a far better position, where the Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPad would come in a wide array of bright and stylish colors, namely Green Flash (15-0146), Azalea Pink (16-2126), 19-1663 (red), 15-4101 (grey) and 19-3939 (blue) – for $70 at Fred Segal, Ron Robinson and Nordstrom.

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