Phoenix Portable Bluetooth Speaker


If there is one aspect of portable speakers which should always be there, then size would be it. After all, if it is too large or bulky to tote around, surely it is not considered to be “portable” enough, don’t you think so? Firebox has something up their sleeves with the £59.99 Phoenix Portable Bluetooth Speaker, and it is hoped that you do not judge the device by its size. After all, Firebox claims the Phoenix Portable Bluetooth Speaker to offer a whole lot more bang for your hard earned buck, where it delivers incredibly loud audio despite coming in a small form factor.

Do not be fooled by its exterior at first glance, where it sports tight curves and a shapely figure, this is still one perky little portable Bluetooth speaker. Since it operates using Bluetooth connectivity, there are no cables required to have it pumping out your favorite audio via its pipes, giving you more than an adequate amount of space to dance around the room. Needless to say, it works best with Bluetooth compatible devices within a 20 meter radius, and will come in blue and black shades, depending on your choice.

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