Motion Clock Radio


You might have grown up wanting to be a Jedi Master always, but somehow or rather, the amount of midi-chlorians in your body have proved to be insufficient to let you enrol in the Jedi Temple and begin your training as a padawan. Well, if you want to show the world that you still have it in you to be a Jedi Knight one day, then it would be wise to invest in the $49.95 Motion Clock Radio.

Of course, this will run on electric power and a myriad of electronics as well as sensors underneath the hood, so this is good enough only to fool those who live on backwater planets, where they have absolutely no idea on how electronics work. As for the lightsaber, you might not have the knowledge to construct one of your own, but surely you can call up someone from Hasbro to send you one! The Motion Clock Radio no longer requires you to fumble around to look for the snooze button, where all you need to do is wave your hand over it and it will snooze. Need to check the time or temperature? Wave your hand one more time. Pretty cool, no?

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