Extra Large Number Readout Scale


Not all scales are created equal, and the same applies to this particular scale from the folks over at Hammacher. As you very well know, the older one gets, different parts of the body start to break down, and your vision is not quite on par with that of an eagle’s during your youth. Having said that, aren’t you happy that there is modern day technology to help counter some of these aging effects? The $59.95 Extra Large Number Readout Scale answers this clarion call, where it will display whatever results garnered in giant numerals for easy reading.

The entire bright LCD screen measures nearly half a foot wide, where it will display readings in massive 2.5″ high numbers which can be viewed without requiring you to squint or stoop down. Your back and neck are further protected as you do not need to bend down to turn on the scale, where a simple tap of a foot on the platform is good enough. The readings will be shown off by the display for five seconds after you step off, and after another 10 seconds, the scale will automatically power down in an effort to conserve batteries. As long as you do not weigh more than 440 lbs, the Extra Large Number Readout Scale ought to serve you well for a lifetime.

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