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Some of us just have this natural tendency to jam with the rest of like minded folks in a band, while others do not have the luxury of doing so. On the other hand, there is also another group of folks who would love nothing better than to drink in all of the limelight, being a real soloist. However, to reach such dizzy heights, you would first need to have the kind of mad skills that would put even the likes of Slash to shame, and what better way than to get plenty of practice in before you actually show your talent off to the rest of the waiting world? You might as well do so with air guitar riffs, but it is time to throw down the gauntlet and settle for something more mature – like the £29.99 Electronic Guitar Shirt.

Granted, most of the best guitarists in the world happen to be slim, perhaps because they exude so much energy on the stage, that they burn all the calories and then some (such as post-concert nookies and such). Still, we would like to ensure that the Electronic Guitar Shirt is all inclusive, hence it would come in large, medium and small sizes for folks from all walks of life to be able to have an equal chance at making it big in the music scene after they have gotten sufficient practice on the Electronic Guitar Shirt.

You can now be a guitar god at any time of the day, regardless of where you are, where your greatest asset (apart from your mad guitar skills, of course) would be the Electronic Guitar Shirt that you are wearing. Don’t be like all of the other rock stars who think nothing of ripping their shirt apart – if you do so, you can kiss your budding busking career goodbye. After all, it is cheaper than purchasing a real guitar, and right now when you are just starting off, you need all the help you can get, including cheap musical instruments.

Sporting a fully playable integrated guitar, it has literally no strings attached. Heck, the manufacturer even threw in a mini amp with tone and volume knobs, and that will slip into a pocket in the hem. All you need to do to impress the crowd would be the strum away using the included magnetic pick, and watch the money come flowing in. Whatever the case is, the Electronic Guitar Shirt does need washing after soaking up all of your sweat during your performances, just remember to remove the batteries before you hand wash it, and never ever iron over the plastic area. Oh yeah, carrying a quartet of spare AAA batteries would be a good idea, too.

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