30 Day Lantern

Do you love the great outdoors? Is camping one of your favorite past times? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out what Hammacher has in store for you, especially for those who love to prepare for the unexpected. The $59.95 30 Day Lantern should be made a compulsory purchase for just about anyone who would like nothing better than to get away from the concrete jungle and spend their time in the great outdoors, just like how Calvin’s dad does in the comic strips, more often than not being left awash in a downpour.

The 30 Day Lantern is special, because as its name suggests, it is capable of delivering up to 30 days of reliable light, and you will not find Iron Man’s arc reactor powering this puppy, as all that is required is a single set of batteries to get it going. The lantern itself sports a trio of 1.4-watt LEDs that sip but a fraction of the energy required by traditional bulbs, hence enabling it to produce 720 consecutive hours of light on its lowest setting with a mere three D batteries. Talk about being power efficient, no? It even comes with a green LED which will flash whenever the device is turned off so that you can locate it easily in the event of a blackout.

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