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I love a nice manicure and pedicure as much as the next girl. I wish I had enough time to relax and be pampered more often. The problem with me is I’m pretty tough on my hands and those lovely paint jobs seem to last only a few days for me. I often wondered why high tech had not infiltrated the fake nail industry, I mean, imagine what kind of nail art a computer could generate. Some really swanky nail graphics could be fun enough to get me back to the salon, even just for special occasions.

Check out iNail Art, a nifty new printer that can print out personalized nail art in a matter of seconds, with just the press of a button. The iNail can print on real, or artificial finger or toe nails and can do almost any design you choose. Personally, I’m wondering about photographs. These aren’t decals either, your designs are actually printed directly on your nails and can last for up to 15 days.

Don’t get too excited though, it’s not likely you’ll be bringing one home for Friday night sleepovers, they are priced for the nail service industry, so you’ll have to find one at a salon near you. If you would like to find one, or learn more about iNail Art Printers please visit their website at until then, we can just wait for the day we can take pictures and art from our smartphones and print them right on our nails at home.. that’s gotta be coming our way soon, don’t you think?

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