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Waking up in the mornings can be rather difficult to do, especially when you happen to have a sleepless night before that. Of course, it does not help that you have a highly stressful job to attend to each weekday. I suppose having the right kind of alarm clock might do the trick, as some of us tend to sleep through the ringing of the alarm. Enter the £28.99 Flip Alarm Clock, which as its name suggests, is flippin’ brilliant, coming in blue, lime, purple, and red colors.

The Flip Alarm Clock is so easy to use, that it does away with the need for complicated settings and control panels. Not only that, it comes in a lightweight and colorful form factor, making sure that things remain simple at all times. Sporting a big bold design, there will be a couple of sides to this timepiece, which have been embossed ON and OFF for obvious reasons, so all you need to do is flip it to the side that you want, as the bits and pieces within will then be able to tell just which way it is facing, and alert (or not) you as requested.

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