Archos rolls out a trio of affordable Android smartphones


Archos must have taken the past few years to learn all that they can concerning the Android-powered platform, be they tablets or smartphones, and the French company has even rolled out their fair share of Android-powered tablets in the past, too. Well, this time around, they do intend to make a more incisive headway into the smartphone industry with the announcement of a spanking new smartphone range, with prices starting from as low as just $99 a pop.

Archos’ first line of Google certified smartphones will not compromise on quality, at least from what we see on paper, as each smartphone will feature a super slim design, an IPS screen with amazing viewing angles, a powerful Qualcomm CPU and the flexibility of dual SIM cards so that you are able to be more productive with a single device. The three smartphones in question would be the Archos 35 Carbon, Archos 50 Platinum and Archos 53 Platinum.

Share features and hardware specifications among all three of these new smartphones will include a pure un-skinned Android OS for those who like the stock Android experience, Google Certification for access to Google Play and Google Mobile Services such as Google Now, dual SIM capability, a full Black Screen process, the inclusion of Archos Media Centre Apps for music and videos, cloud-based contacts and storage, as well as two cameras – one in the front and the other behind.

These devices will range from 3.5” to 5.3” in size, where the Archos 50 Platinum is the flagship model among all three, sporting a stunning 5” full black IPS display paired with a quad-core 1.2GHz processor and an 8-megapixel shooter.

The Archos 35 Carbon, Archos 50 Platinum and Archos 53 Platinum will retail for $99.99, $219.99 and $249.99, respectively, where they will roll out in Europe from the end of next month onwards, and hopefully, the rest of the world too, will be able to get a taste of Archos’ hard work this time around.

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