Griffin Technology announces Crayola Light Marker availability


Griffin Technology is a name that is synonymous with its fair share of tablet accessories and peripherals, and here we are with the announcement of one of their latest releases, the Crayola Light Marker. The Crayola Light Marker can be said to be a new way for young artists to churn out their very own digital masterpieces by relying on innovative mobile technology.

Erica Tober, Youth Product Line Manager at Griffin, said, “iPads are wonderful for young artists, giving children an interactive landscape to engage and create. Using the front facing camera, Crayola Light Marker allows children to play and produce digital works of art without touching the screen. It’s a magical new way to create!”

Just how does the Crayola Light Marker work anyways? Well, it will be combined with a free downloadable multi-activity app, and is capable of delivering hours of colorful fun. You are able to play games, solve puzzles and even create new masterpieces with glow-in-the-dark color, although do not expect any of these “art pieces” to jump astronomically in price anytime soon.

The Crayola Light Marker is capable of sending an invisible beam of light to the iPad’s front-facing camera, where movement will be picked up in a jiffy and interpreted into drawings that will appear magically on the screen. The app itself sports a digital Crayola Crayon Box with digital markers, crayons, paintbrushes, and stamps among others, and you can also indulge in a variety of activities such as Dot to Dot, Splatter Paint, Coloring Pages, Hide ‘n Seek, Puzzles, and Free Draw. The Crayola Light Marker will be accompanied by a stand for the iPad, and can be yours for $29.99 a pop. Sounds like something worth purchasing for your little ones, especially when you want to find out for yourself just whether they have a streak of Van Gog or da Vinci in them, no?

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