Forget your Keys? Use Your Smartphone!


Sure, its happened to me more than once. I lost my house keys, left them in the wrong car, or forgot to give them to my mother who was stopping over to feed the dog. It’s a simple thing, and I should have just taken the time to have extra keys made, or hidden one under the doormat, but in this day and age I’m not sure anyone does that anymore.

Well, First Watch Security is bringing you a nifty home entry alternative, forget your keys and garage door openers, why not use your Smartphone? Working with a smartphone that employs Bluetooth 4.0 and utilizing a 128 bit encryption, The First Watch Security Smart Deadbolt or SecuRemote lets you access your doors or garage with your phone.

Any users you authorize can operate the Smart Deadbolts or garage doors via the SecuRemote app simply by tapping the unlock or lock icons on a Smartphone.  Not only can you decide who gets access to your home, but when. This application works with your existing garage door opener and requires only the simple addition of an access control device. Whereas the Smart Deadbolt works with all standard door preparations, is installed with only a screwdriver, and it can run for up to two years on four AA batteries.

Okay, I guess I could like this. SecuRemote for your garage is available now, for only around 149 bucks, the Smart Deadbolt is making its way around the home show circuit and should be available soon. Check out for updates, pricing, and more information. So now I suppose, I have to keep track of my phone and worry about someone hacking their way into my house? Does Bluetooth enabled home entry delight or terrify you? … Let us know.

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