Scosche foundIT is a unique item locator

There are some times in life when you are struck with the “senior moments”, which would mean forgetting just where you have placed a particular key, or item in and around the home. Other than your spouse who seemingly have this elephant’s memory, how about getting a little bit of external help from a gizmo? The Scosche foundIT is an item locator that will be accompanied by an app for the iPhone and iPad.

It has been named as a CES 2013 Innovations and Design Award Honoree, and will be able to assist users to keep track of their keys, backpacks, wallets, purses, and other equally portable items by delivering loss prevention push notifications whenever a particular item goes out of range. For instance, misplaced items will result in a loud audible alert triggered on the tag, making it a whole lot easier to locate. You can also set just how far you want to travel from your object before it makes some noise, within a 100 foot radius. You can pick up the Scosche foundIT with two locators for $59.99.

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