Logitech Harmony Ultimate and Logitech Harmony Smart Control announced


Swiss-based computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech is back this time around, and they have a couple of devices for you to go through which should make life a whole lot easier and convenient, especially when you are one with so many different devices at home that keeping track of which remote control is used to control what ends up as a headache. The two candidates to fall under today’s news spotlight would be the Logitech Harmony Ultimate and Logitech Harmony Smart Control.

It does not matter whether you have finally decided to fall back on the Logitech Harmony Ultimate or the Logitech Harmony Smart Control, both of these devices will feature Logitech’s new Harmony Hub and Harmony Smartphone App that paves the way for closed-cabinet and game console control. Not only that, it also marks the first time that the Harmony is even capable of helping you set the mood in your living room, as the Harmony Hub will take personalizing your activities to a totally new level as it can take full control of your Philips Hue lights with but a single touch of the Logitech Harmony Ultimate.

A simple touch is all it takes for your remote control to turn on your TV, to boot up the Blu-ray player, and perhaps dim the lights to the desired brightness level or temperature as you begin to unwind after a particularly difficult day at work. With the help of the Logitech Harmony Ultimate in the palm of your hands, you are also capable of gaining access to the slew of your entertainment devices, where among them include infrared devices and game consoles, through your cabinets, walls or other kinds of obstacles. When you throw in the optional Harmony Smartphone App, it does not take a genius living under the same roof as you to transform the smartphone or tablet into a personal universal remote.

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