AOC UltraWide display offers greater viewing real estate


You know something? You can never have too large a screen where geeks and other technophiles are concerned, just like how the ladies are unable to get enough of shoes and handbags to go along with their wardrobe. After all, having plenty more to look at on a single screen will work wonders for your productivity. Don’t believe me? Try working on a 14” monitor (yes, you still remember those fat and chunky CRTs, don’t you?) and then switching over to a 24” widescreen display – the difference would be just like night and day. Hence, it is no surprise to see that AOC has rolled out their cinematic 29” UltraWide Display that offers dual monitor productivity to a single display.

This particular model number from AOC would be the Q2963PM, which would be a 29-inch 21:9 super wide screen HD monitor which merges IPS LED technology with convenient connectivity, offering a cinematic display experience. What other kinds of goodies does the Q2963PM come with? For starters, it will be equipped with dual 3 Watt enclosed speakers and WFHD 2560×1080 resolution, offering a far more immersive experience for your favorite movies and games than ever before.

Not only that, the presence of multiple inputs such as DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI will allow your spanking new AOC Q2963PM to deliver screen multiplication – in a limited way, of course, but it would still be better than nothing, since it delivers Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture capabilities. In a nutshell, you are able to view a movie through a connected Blu-ray player on one half of the screen, while using the other half of the screen to browse the Internet via your connected notebook. The inclusion of MHL technology will also pave the way for you to mirror your smartphone on the monitor’s 29-inch wide screen.

Surprisingly, something like the AOC Q2963PM will not cost too much, where it carries a $499 price tag.

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