Razer Orbweaver Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad


When it comes to gaming peripherals, there is one name that would surely inspire confidence right from the get go, and that would be Razer. Here we are with the $129.99 Razer Orbweaver Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad which will definitely help up the ante whenever you game. After all, if you still lose to your opponents after having the Razer Orbweaver Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad in your hands, then surely there is no other explanation for your inability to break into the professional gamer fold (and hence, do keep your day job) other than the fact that you lack the relevant “gaming mind”, since the tools at your disposal are already at the very pinnacle of innovation.

What kind of goodies can one expect from the Razer Orbweaver Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad? For starters, how does 20 fully programmable buttons sound to you? In addition, it is further augmented by an 8-way thumbpad, where that is accompanied by adjustable hand, thumb, and palm-rest modules. The main selling point of the Razer Orbweaver Elite Mechanical Gaming Keypad would be its technology that delivers a distinctive tactile feedback in the form of a light pronounced tap and click to your fingertips. Individual keys are accompanied by an optimized actuation force of 50g in addition to a reduced actuation distance of 2mm, allowing you to unleash commands and attacks without batting an eyelid, as your adversaries start to wonder since when did you have such blisteringly fast reflexes? With other features such as unlimited macro lengths, a backlit keypad for total control under dark conditions, and unlimited customizable profiles via Razer Synapse 2.0, you’ve surely got a winner here.

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