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Hidden – The App that Sees Who You Are, and Knows Where You Sleep


I would say that most people these days have a pretty deep relationship with their electronics. I never realize just how much I rely on my “connected” lifestyle until I do something stupid, like leave the house without my iPhone. The world seems to kind of, stand still, and I never get too much done, how could I? All my contacts, addresses and appointments are stored in that thing. I’m also pretty attached to my pictures and videos, I can’t imagine what I’d do if it was lost forever, or worse, if someone stole it! 

Well, I guess there’s an app for that! Meet Hidden, a nifty little application that sits “hidden” on your iDevice until you need it. Then, you simply log on to the online tracking control panel (from some other device of course) and activate the tracking, which will awaken the application, enabling you to see where your precious Mac is now hanging out, look at a few screenshots of what its cruising, and then check out some full color pics of exactly who it is thats using it, anywhere in the world!

The Hidden application uses Apple’s already installed Core Location framework which lets you determine current location or the heading information associated with a device. This framework enables someone  to determine a user’s position and heading and then, utilizing iSight, you can actually get pictures of the dirty bas… er,  the person thats holding the computer for you.

The Hidden App is a monthly subscription service, starting at around 15 bucks a year to protect just one Mac or iPhone all the way up to 395 bucks to protect a whole company and up to 100 of their devices. The price includes immediate activation and includes theft recovery assistance… I like it! Find out more by visiting hiddenapp.com

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