Magic Movers Electronic Wand


There is nothing quite like a bunch of rowdy kids in your home to tire yourself out a whole lot more compared to you completing a marathon. After all, these kids do seem to be bundles of inexhaustible energy, and since the world is constantly on the lookout for different sources of renewable energy, why not harness what your progeny have to offer? Of course, to do so in an inhumane manner is unforgivable, which is why we have to settle for a second best solution, that is, with the $21.99 Magic Movers Electronic Wand.

Basically, the Magic Movers Electronic Wand will not be able to harness the energy from your kids, but what it does is make sure that the little ones will be able to expend as much energy as possible, so that by the time dinner is over, they will be way too tired to bother you, and you can finally get some much needed peace and quiet around the home. The Magic Movers Electronic Wand would offer an interactive game that encourages kids to get up and move around when they play. There are more than 90 creative movements instructions stored in the wand itself, where they will be instructed to move! Leap like a lion! Hop like a frog! Stomp like a dinosaur! As long as it does not run out of the three AAA batteries inside, you are able to safeguard your precious quiet evenings.

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