iPad Document Scanner

The iPad is a tablet that has achieved its fair share of accolades, and you can basically find an app that does just about anything you want to with a tablet on it. Well, peripherals for the iPad have not been entirely the most interesting market to look at, as majority of the peripherals rolled out for it tend to be protective cases and covers, including those that come with a built-in keyboard so that you have a pseudo-Ultrabook of sorts on the go. Well, the $149.95 iPad Document Scanner is certainly something else altogether.

In a nutshell, the iPad Document Scanner functions as a device that is capable of scanning documents straight to an iPad. This scanner will be able to feed pictures as well as documents automatically, up to 8 1/2″ x 14″ in size, before converting them to the JPEG file format, where they are subsequently stored on a docked iPad. This does away with the need to scan documents to a computer before they are transferred over to an iPad, as the device will save the scanned images straight to the iPad’s camera roll. The scanning progress will be shown in real time on the iPad, and you will be able to enjoy images which have been scanned at 300 dpi resolution, paving the way for you to carry preserved documents in their digital formats in clear, full-color glory. Whenever your iPad is docked, the scanner will take this opportunity to juice itself up as well.

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