Fantasy Caskets – For your Dream Funeral


We all know its inevitable, we’re all going to die. Quite frankly I’m not exactly sure how we so easily cope with that fact… but we do. I guess technically its the last relatively major event of our lives (or does the fact that we’re dead mean it doesn’t actually qualify?) Okay let’s not get philosophical here. I think planning for our eventual demise is a good thing, we plan for everything else, why not our last hurrah?

It used to be that our “send off” options were pretty slim, from a pine box to an extra large perma-seal metallic, a casket was a casket so to speak, but not anymore! Check out these cool Fantasy Caskets made by specially skilled craftsman in Ghana. For over 50 years the Ga people have been turning out these amazing coffin options meant to symbolize the deceased’s vocation, hobby or perhaps even a vice or personality trait. In Ghana funerals are not only a time of mourning, but a time to celebrate the person’s life, and their passing into another life.

Your “afterlife” options are endless, from fish and lobsters to Mercedes and cell phones these brightly colored works of art that are likely to last a lifetime (okay, I admit, in this case I don’t really know what that means) but it IS likely you’d be the first on your block to be buried in a giant iPod and thats got to be worth something. These Fantasy Caskets sell at markets in the Ghanaian capital, Accra for around 400 to 600 dollars US, which by the way, is about a years wages for the folks over there.

I have to admit I was leaning towards cremation, that is, until now. I can really see myself heading out in a giant bottle of wine. To see more pictures or to learn more about these West African artisans please visit

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