G-Technology announces brand new G-Drive Pro


G-Technology has just announced the spanking new G-Drive Pro that boasts of Thunderbolt capability, where this could very well be your next purchase candidate when it comes to a compact, desktop external hard drive which will offer hard drive capacity alongside the benefits of SSD-like performance. In addition, it will be able to take full advantage of the speed and power of Thunderbolt. By leveraging on G-Technology’s well-known G-Drive design, the new G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt is capable of delivering sustained data transfer rates of up to 480MB/s, and as we all know, that would mean it is up to three times faster compared to standard issue 3.5-inch desktop external hard drives.

At this point in time, new high-resolution media formats and related files sizes do require massive amounts of storage space in addition to ever faster data transfer rates so that one can efficiently edit and distribute content throughout the workflow without being inefficient. If one were to take a look at the figures, it would be staggering. Take for example, an uncompressed 2K digital video format, that alone will take up more than one terabyte (1TB) per hour, and will require approximately 305 megabytes per second (MB/s) sustained throughput for smooth editing without experiencing any kind of dropped frames. Such high-resolution video formats, alongside the rising popularity of higher megapixel DSLR cameras which are used to capture professional 2K video, has served up a need for a new high-performance storage solution that will be able to cater to the requirements of today’s digital content creators.

The G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt will be made available to the masses later this summer via G-Technology and its Premier Channel Partners. The asking price for the 4TB G-Drive with Thunderbolt will cost $849.95, while those who are on a tighter budget or do not have that much need for space can settle for the $699.95 2TB G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt.

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