Golf Swing Recording Video Camera


Tiger Woods has definitely battled his way back to top spot in the world of professional golf, and he certainly had to go through plenty of obstacles along the way, which I believe that the second ascent proved to be a whole lot harder than the first. Well, one of the things that he normally did was to improve on his golf swing, and of course, he had swing coaches to help him out, but you as the ordinary man on the street who loves all things golf, how do you improve on your swing? The answer could very well lie in the $349.99 Golf Swing Recording Video Camera, where the name of this device says it all.

The Golf Swing Recording Video Camera comes in the form of a high-definition video camera which can be staked into the ground, where it will go about recording your golf swings to help you improve your game. The camera will be mounted atop a 3′ pole with a turf spike, ensuring instant placement in the tee box or fairway without causing any disruption to play. With its wide-angle lens, it is capable of capturing a golfer’s entire swing from 10 feet away, recording at a crisp 720p or 1080p HD video at 60 or 30 frames per second with but a single button press. With its 8GB of internal memory, it is able to record up to 2 hours’ worth of video for your own analysis later on.

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