Felix introduces MonkeyOh for the iPhone

Ever heard of Felix before? Assuming all you know about it would be Felix the Cat as a cartoon character, here is something else to tickle your imagination. Felix comes across as a mobile accessories maker this time around, and they have recently launched the MonkeyOh for the iPhone on Kickstarter, the famous crowd funding website that has seen its fair share of projects approved from time to time, no matter how improbable it looked from the beginning. The MonkeyOh for the iPhone is set to be a unique and versatile charging dock and stand that merges both form and functionality into a single and fun package.

Not only that, this fanciful stand will also double as a cord wrap whenever it is plugged into an electrical outlet, where it will free up counter space while doing away with messy wires which seem to have a life of their own. Chris Michaud, CEO of Felix, said, “We [Felix] can’t stand cord clutter so we came up with a simple solution to that everyday problem- the MonkeyOh. We also wanted to create a product that has as much personality as functionality, and elicits a strong emotional response from consumers. So, we put all our accessories through a ‘smile test.’ You smile- it passes!”

How does the MonkeyOh work? All you need to do is slide your Apple power adapter into MonkeyOh’s “backpack” slot, continue by plugging in the USB end of the power cord into the monkey’s mouth, and then to wrap the cord around the backpack. This is a unique design that will help to organize your space instantly by getting rid of tangled cords, where you can then slide your smartphone into the flexible yet durable monkey arms for a more comfortable, hands-free multi-media viewing. If you want to, the MonkeyOh can also be placed on your desk or bedside table as an iPhone stand, now how about that?

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