Menstrual Cramp Relieving Compression Belt

Some ladies do suffer from menstrual cramps each month, and depending on the person, the attack could come in different levels of intensity and pain. Well, what kind of relief can a poor girl find in this day and age of modern medical technology? Those who want to exhaust all possibilities on their own first (or have already tried everything else to no avail) might want to consider giving the $149.95 Menstrual Cramp Relieving Compression Belt a go.

The Menstrual Cramp Relieving Compression Belt is a compression belt which claims to offer relief from menstrual discomfort in a matter of minutes, all without having to take in medication or make use of hot water bottles. It is the brainchild of a chiropractor who treats elite female athletes, and even better is the fact that the Menstrual Cramp Relieving Compression Belt does not require any kind of batteries or electricity to power it. All the patient needs to do is fasten the belt, lie on one’s side and use an adjustable mechanism in order to increase the tension of its two compression pads against the hips. Whenever steady pressure is applied in this area, the belt will help relax tense pelvic ligaments which can tighten uncomfortably whenever a woman is undergoing her menstrual cycle, which will in turn reduce or eliminate abdominal and back pain.

So far, Hammacher claims that a 15-minute session offers hours of relief and can be repeated as often as required without any negative consequences.