Twilight Umbrella changes color adds some jazz to your life


Now, do not freak out when you hear of the name of this particular umbrella, as it has nothing to do with the unexplainable franchise of sparkling vampires that seem to snap apart like porcelain, where one of the most powerful “species” in the undead family is seemingly able to create life after copulating with a human. Well, the £24.95 Twilight Umbrella is not going to jive with all of you Stephenie Meyer fans, but it definitely will go down well with the British, or folks living in that part of the world.

There is a purpose for the existence of the Twilight Umbrella, and as we all know, Britain gets plenty of rain – some say that it is way too much, but others revel in the downpour despite it being too dreary and dull at times. Well, why not spruce up the situation with the Twilight Umbrella, where it comes in a hot pink color, and will sport little fibre optic lights that are dotted all around it. There is no need for any electricity to power the Twilight Umbrella, as just batteries are required.

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