Limited Edition Blue Claptrap Figure

Are you a fan of Borderlands? If you say that you are, then the chances of you weeping with tears of joy when you manage to get hold of this $19.99 limited edition Claptrap figure would be pretty high. After all, it is not everyday that s figure is released, whether it is based on a movie, video game, or real life person. The Limited Edition Blue Claptrap Figure is based on the blue variant (Blu14) which hails from the original Borderlands game, measuring 4″ in height, while boasting posable arms, where it is accompanied by a rolling wheel, retractable drawer and antenna, and a display base which resembles the rocky, sandy terrain of Pandora.

Of course, it will not be like your typical Claptrap, as this particular model remains nice and silent all the time, and there will not be any banter to drive you nuts, either. Needless to say, this is an officially licensed Borderlands collectible, so what are you waiting for? Place an order already, and perhaps get it as a surprise for your loved one if he or she also loves all things Borderlands.