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Have beats, will travel, or so this seems to be the general direction where one is headed to with the $100 Pocket DJ Mixer. I suppose if you have a penchant for good music, and love nothing better than to rock it out on your own no matter where you are, then the Pocket DJ Mixer does sound as though it will be able to fit you to a T. Basically, all you need is an iPod, and you will be able to set up shop as a portable party maker. Of course, assuming you are not one of the adoring Apple millions who own an iPod, the Pocket DJ Mixer will still play nice with your device that has MP3 playback capability, by hooking it up to the device’s headphone jack.

The Pocket DJ Mixer will be different from those massive traditional mixing boards, as this is one pocket-friendly mixer, not only in terms of size, but in price as well. Since it is all too easy to bring along with you wherever you go, there does not seem to be any reason not to tote this around with you wherever you go. You will find it fun to bust out your pocket DJ skills regardless of the time at any of your friends’ fêtes, and assuming you have the relevant skills to go along with it, you should find invitations flying your way left, right and center in due time.

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shirish bobade Says: April 5, 2013 at 9:34 am

An awesome gadget for music lovers.And is it only available for iphone ??

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