Wren Sound Systems announces Wren V5PF


Wren Sound Systems might not be too familiar a name with the average man on the street, but this does not mean that the company does not have anything special up its sleeves, especially for folks who want something that will deliver wireless audio throughout the room or hall, without having to deal with pesky cables that seem to take on an entire life of their own whenever you are not around, getting wrapped up in a tangled mess, as colonies of dust bunnies appear out of nowhere. No sir, wireless is the way to go, and Wren Sound Systems has just the tonic for you with the Wren V5PF.

The Wren V5PF is a wireless audio system which features DTS Play-Fi, which basically allows all Android-powered devices to be able to stream music wirelessly from smartphones as well as tablets. The Wren V5PF was specially designed by a team of audio industry veterans led by former Harman International consumer audio division president Mike Giffin, where it will merge cutting-edge technology, old school materials and build quality, in addition to classic audio know-how, of course. The result? A wireless speaker which will harness the latest audio and Wi-Fi technology, letting your ears enjoy detailed, room-filling sound, a basically dummy-proof user experience, all crammed into a refined, elegant design.

To make sure that the Wren V5PF will play nice with just about any and every kind of interior decoration, it will come in either a Real Bamboo or Rosewood Cabinet design. Basically, you would not be able to go wrong with either, as they exude a soothing look that ought to help you melt the day’s stress away. The cabinet of the Wren V5PF has been internally braced to provide a chassis free from resonance and coloration, while a reinforced, acoustically transparent grille frame will offer stiffness sans diffraction, and a 4mm low durometer silicone pad covers the base, which helps it do away with surface coupling buzz and sound coloration. The asking price for the Wren V5PF? $399 a pop, which ain’t too shabby, really.

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