Motion Tracking iPhone Cameraman

How many of you out there actually no longer use a dedicated video camera to record all those precious moments in your family, such as weddings, birthdays and graduations? Well, I suppose the ever increasing quality of the camera sensor in smartphones have a great deal to do with the seeming demise of such dedicated devices, and for those who happen to be in the iPhone camp, you might be interested to check out this $199.95 Motion Tracking iPhone Cameraman.

Basically, the Motion Tracking iPhone Cameraman would function as an iPhone mount that is capable of panning and tilting automatically while tracking the movement of your subject, ensuring that the subject in motion is always within shooting range for that added touch of professionalism in your family videos. A key fob-sized wireless transmitter is portable enough to be held or clipped to clothing, while the iPhone mount automatically pans 360° and tilts up to 30°, all from up to 33 feet away, now how about that? It will be able to carry the iPhone in both landscape or portrait orientations, depending on how you want your video to look like. A couple of AA batteries will offer enough juice to power the tracking mount for up to four hours, while another two AAA batteries are required to keep the transmitter going for up to 10 hours.