Barbuzzo Spin the Shot – Drink! Drink! Drink!


Every New Year comes and goes with me making the same resolution. I am going to drink more and eat less. I dont know why I never seem to get around to it. I keep hearing about the benefits of a little red wine. Although, to be honest, it’s not really the benefits that I’m looking for. I just want to start having a little more fun. Perhaps not quite as much fun as I had in college, but fun nonetheless!

Well nothing brings back those “fun” college days like good old fashioned drinking games, who can forget whiling away the weekends (while you should have been studying for your psych exam) sitting around a folding table with 16 of your closest friends killing brain cells by the hundreds? Well now Barbuzzo brings us Spin the Shot, similar to everyones favorite party game, Spin the Bottle (without the risk of viral infection), Spin the Shot lets you pour a shot of your beverage of choice and, and with a single spin, choose the person who will have to drink it.

Evidently, the spinner is solidly constructed with enclosed ball bearings helping to ensure a smooth and steady spin, so theres no fear of spilling your precious “beverage du jour” and the long controlled spin adds to the fun and excitement of waiting to see who the next victim will be. I think we can come up with quite a few alternative methods of play, including some that involve kissing, or maybe even a single player game where you run around the table and try to anticipate where the arrow may land. I don’t suggest you tell anyone that you play drinking games alone… I’m just saying. So bring the party home, with the Barbuzzo Spin the Shot drinking game. Available from for under 14 bucks!

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