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Everyone loves video games, and other than parents who feel that video games are of the devil and teachers who think that kids are better off burying their noses in some revision book or another, video games exist to entertain, and it has grown to such a size that it would be folly to dismiss its importance in popular culture. Well, here is the $59.99 Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy that might catch your interest, especially for folks who own an iPad mini, as it is powered by such a tablet, allowing the BMO Interactive Buddy to play video games with you.

Bear in mind that this is a fully licensed piece of Adventure Time electronics device, and it allows you to enjoy just about every single game that you have ever seen from Adventure Time. All you need to do is own an iPad mini first, slide it on top of the BMO, and you are good to go, as the iPad mini will get the apps up and running in no time. Needless to say, these apps are free to download, where you can select from memorable titles such as Conversation Parade, Fighting Lincolns, Adventure Master, Guardians of Sunshine, Horse vs. Two Fighters Game, and That other one among others.

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Sonia Says: December 19, 2013 at 8:27 am

So if I purchase this I wouldn’t be able to interact/play video games with bmo and my iphone?

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