Snowtime Anytime Snowballs


I know that we have just come out of winter, and for some of us, we prefer to remain in the bitter throes of winter all year long, as it means not having to deal with this thing known as sweat, in addition to the benefit of wearing added layers of clothing that help you conceal all the added pounds you gained over the holidays. Oh yeah, of course there are always snow days to call off going to school, and who can forget about being involved in a snowball fight? What happens when you want to get some snowball fights in during the coming spring and summer? This is where the $19.99 Snowtime Anytime Snowballs come in handy.

The Snowtime Anytime Snowballs more or less lives up to its description, “no muss, no fuss, no slush”, which is a safe and dry way to carry out an indoor snowball fight. Each set comprises of 20 soft, and yet crunchy faux snowballs, and just in case they get a wee bit dirty, you can always toss them into the washing machine so that they will remain nice and white. Of course, who are we to stop you from making sure that these are part of your winter arsenal, where you keep a stash somewhere as reserve ammunition, only to pull a surprise on someone or the opposing team when both sides have run out of ammo.

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