Trent Travelpak and Travelpak+ mobile accessories provide juice on the go


So, you are armed to the teeth with the latest gizmos and gadgets whenever you travel, and have the chance to “show off” to your mates as well as travel companions on just how there is a gizmo for everything, but the major drawback to all of these electronics devices would be battery life – or rather, the limited juice that each battery carries. This would more often than not translate to a slew of chargers that you have to tote around, which will definitely weigh you down whenever you travel. Perhaps it is time for a paradigm shift, as you might need to call upon reserves of emergency power during certain situations, and this is where the new Trent Travelpak and Travelpak+ come in handy.

Regardless of whether you are a business or leisure traveler, both the Travelpak and Travelpak+ will be able to work nicely together, where your eyes are greeted by a sleek, compact design alongside a powerful battery, with the Travelpak maxing out at 4000mAh while the Travelpak+ has a 7000mAh charge. These two gizmos will most probably be able to ensure that all USB-based devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets will be able to remain fully charged, without having to consume more precious space in your travel luggage.

There is an integrated AC adapter and dual USB ports on both the Trent Travelpak and Travelpak+ which will conveniently offer users the freedom to leave all other chargers back home, as this seems to be the only charger that you need to pack whenever you hit the road. The Travelpak and Travelpak+’s integrated AC Adapter will boast of passthrough charging technology, and in plain English, that would mean you can juice up a couple of USB-based devices thanks to its 1A and 2.1A ports, as the battery pack remains plugged into an outlet that is being charged up for the next day. Other than that, there are 4 ambient LED status indicator lights which can also function as a nightlight which can be toggled on and off.

Those who want the Trent Travelpak will have to fork out $44.95 for it, while the Travelpak+ is going for a slightly higher price at $54.95, which could very well be worth every additional penny since it carries nearly double the battery capacity.

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