Speaker Blanket offers warm comfort

You know the general rule when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep – having a cool head and warm feet works best, and what better way to ensure that your feet as well as the rest of your body remains nice and toasty other than to cover it with a decent blanket? Of course, some of us live in extremely cold countries, where a blanket alone will not do the trick, but generally speaking, the average blanket ought to be able to get the job done for a decent night’s rest. Well, the £34.99 Speaker Blanket does more than keep your body warm during those cold nights, as its name suggests, it also comes with a pair of built-in speakers to pump out your favorite winding down music so that you can drift off to dreamland sooner than you count to 99 sheep.

The Speaker Blanket will run on a solitary AA battery, and there is an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack for you to hook it up to a decent pair of headphones just in case there are others in the same room who might not appreciate your eclectic selection of music that you use to relax. It would have been nice to see a Bluetooth-enabled version of the Speaker Blanket, but I guess that the lack of this feature right now would just leave the door open for a decent sequel sometime down the road.

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