AT-AT Bunk Bed

I know, I know, some of us are still pretty upset that Disney has bought over Lucasfilm, and along with it, the crown jewel that is the eternal cash cow known as the Star Wars franchise. Will we see Mickey Mouse cross over into the Star Wars universe sometime down in Episode 7? I do not think so, but who knows what the future might bring in the realm of cartoons? After all, Space Jam saw the amalgamation of Michael Jordan and the rest of the Looney Tunes cast, didn’t it? This unique AT-AT bunk bed is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are a huge fan of the Star Wars universe.

There is a flight of stairs that leads up to the AT-AT, while it would be ideal to place a couch or sofa under the AT-AT bunk bed, complete with a bookshelf attached to the wall so that you are able to catch up on your Star Wars fan fiction before retiring for the night. Good thing this AT-AT bunk bed is stationary, otherwise a wayward A-Wing might just wrap its legs around with an extremely tough wire, tripping you up. Now that would certainly be a nightmare to sleep on, wouldn’t it?


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