NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster


We did take a look at a NERF shooter yesterday, but that did not really come with the kind of sustaining firepower as it holds only 3 darts in its ammo reserves. The thing is, the NERF Triad Elite has an advantage of an extremely long range – we’re talking about being able to shoot up to 75 feet here, people! Well, for those who want something meatier, then you can settle for the $16.99 NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster, which also comes with a shooting range of up to 75 feet, and it will be able to splatter your target (if you are a good shot) with all 6 darts in rapid succession if the situation calls for it.

Of course, the asking price is also higher than the Triad Elite, but that is to be expected when you get a higher level of performance in turn. You can more or less say that the NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster is in the Elite line, where all of the darts and the internal firing mechanisms have been specially configured to achieve the 75 feet range, which is more or less double what most regular NERF products out there are capable of. The tactical rail itself has also been moved to the gun body, making it the sidearm of choice when you want to dominate the office.

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