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Digital Treasures should be a name that is no stranger to some of us, and they themselves have managed to add another option to the wireless world of audio with their latest release, the Lyrix Duo, which is essentially a 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker that boasts of a removable receiver. Hmmm, this is something very different from the usual Bluetooth speaker actually, as the Lyrix Duo allows you to chill out or rock out to your favorite tunes regardless of where you are, at any time, too. I suppose you can call this as a new way to fall in love with your music all over again.

Brian Austin, President of Digital Treasures, said, “There are so many wireless options on the market today; but, the Lyrix Duo is a completely different experience. Its functionality is unmatched because it doesn’t limit you to only listening through the Lyrix Duo speaker. Get this – you can actually take out the wireless receiver and attach it to ANY other speaker in your home turning it into a Bluetooth device! Now that’s versatility!”

This particular wireless receiver is attached to the Lyrix Duo speaker via a mini USB port, where the user will be able to pair the device with their Bluetooth-enabled device, and it results in stunning, clear sound with up to 33-feet of working wireless range. There is also a suction cup located on the back of the speaker that enables the user to connect it to almost any finished surface, ranging from windows in the home or office to perhaps the car windshield.

When attaching, all you need to do is move the Suction Cup Lever clockwise, resulting in a safe and secure fit. This small Bluetooth receiver is easily removable from the speaker, as long as you lightly grasp it near the top and lift it out. This would allow it to work in tandem with home speakers and headphones thanks to the included auxiliary cables. The receiver will boast of a power button and volume controls, while a flashing red or blue light will let you know whenever the receiver is ready to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device. The Lyrix Duo will retail for $49.99 if you are interested in picking one up.

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