4′ High Roadside Emergency Beacon


It pays unspoken dividends to make sure that your vehicle is well serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications and timetable, as a breakdown could prove to be a rather expensive affair, even more so after you have paid the hefty towing charges. Well, just in case you have done your part and your ride still breaks down for some reason or another, such as a busted tyre, it is time to pull over, roll back those sleeves and get down to work. Of course, doing so would also mean you have to be careful so that other motorists will be able to see you from a distance away, and having those hazard lights turned on along with a safety reflective triangle are definitely good ideas.

Here is one more good idea – the $99.95 4′ High Roadside Emergency Beacon, where this beacon will remain affixed to the roof of a car, offering superior visibility in an emergency. It will be different from roadside flares, window-mounted triangles or a car’s flashers, as those tend to be low on the ground, but this extra tall beacon remains elevated for it to be seen from a distance. Not only does it make life easier for first responders to locate a disabled vehicle, it also offers oncoming traffic additional reaction time to slow down. The beacon itself holds 16 ultra-bright red and white LEDs which will flash a 360-degree warning signal, and has enough juice to last for up to 10 hours. Best to make sure you have a trio of AAA batteries as spares when you travel long distance, just in case!

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