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Another day, another interesting idea arrives on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter, and we have the MiiPC this time around. No, do not be mistaken that this could very well be some sort of computer that was developed by the folks over at Nintendo, after all, with the word “Mii” in it, some folks could be fooled into thinking that way. The MiiPC was launched by Young Song , the founder of eMachines. Young hopes to be a positive yet disruptive force in the traditional PC market by rolling out the first family computer that is based on the Android platform, although he requires the help of Kickstarter and its backers to get the job done.

The MiiPC has been priced from $89 as part of a Kickstarter early bird discount, and just in case you were wondering what the MiiPC is able to do, it enables parents to give their little ones access to the Internet, all the while ensuring that these very kids of theirs will remain under supervision using a companion mobile app. Safe surfing of the Internet, so to speak, which would definitely result in peace of mind for parents who fret more than the others. You cannot attach a price tag to peace of mind, can you? At least, even if your child learned something undesirable from the Internet when they are not under your watch, you know you have done your best.

The MiiPC will arrive with a HDMI connection, allowing it to be connected to computer monitors as well as the majority of modern TVs out there in the market. Apart from that, a couple of USB ports would optimize the entire experience, delivering a true keyboard and mouse experience. With access to the MiiPC companion mobile app round the clock, you will be able to enjoy complete peace of mind as you monitor your kids’ real-time activities regardless of where you are, as long as you remain connected to the Internet, of course. MiiPC will run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice.

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