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Logitech G Series enhances your gaming experience


When it comes to computer peripherals, a company with the pedigree of Logitech certainly cannot be overlooked. After all, they have come up with their fair share of computer keyboards, mice, and speakers in the past that would surely have garnered quite a sizeable following until now. Well, the last half year was spent by the folks over at Logitech, as they mulled over just what were the missing ingredients in the world of PC gaming accessories, and in order to deliver what gamers want, they laid down a challenge to themselves, hoping to make a difference where it really counts. All of that thinking and passion has resulted in the spanking new Logitech G lineup, where you can see a sample that is depicted above.

 The new Logitech G range of gaming accessories exemplifies the company’s passion for science, where it will comprise of half a dozen redesigned mice and keyboard favorites, which will also be accompanied by a couple of new headsets, where each one of them features advanced technology that were specifically designed to improve gamers’ performance.

Using Delta Zero sensor technology to deliver high accuracy cursor control, you will also be able to enjoy the touch of advanced surface materials for a more comfortable precision grip, and anti-ghosting keys make sure that during those frenzied moments in a game, you will not lock up the entire keyboard even when pressing multiple keys simultaneously when the pressure is piling. Logitech also knows that sometimes, gamers do get too passionate, and slam their keyboards and mice on the table out of frustration when they miss a particular shot or execute a wrong strategy. Logitech has taken steps to ensure that the peripherals which roll off their production lines for the new G range are extremely robust, which is why each of the new Logitech PC gaming products will be accompanied by a worldwide 3-year warranty, now how about that?

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