Digital Toilet Paper Stand – For Those on the “Go”


Here at we have a preoccupation with bathroom habits. We have reported on gizmos that wash and dry you, toilets that analyze your urine for health issues, little monsters you can set up in the loo in order to literally scare the *&^% out  of beloved friends and family, and now we bring to you the newest in form and function… the Digital Toilet Paper Stand.

Certainly not your dad’s old magazine rack, the Digital Toilet Paper Stand not only provides you with a fully functional toilet paper dispenser, but also with some much needed bathroom entertainment, whether it be news, weather information, or a rousing game of Angry Birds that really gets you “going”… ugh. (We all saw that coming didn’t we?) The Digital Toilet Paper Stand will be right there for you, during your morning constitutional, or any other constitutional for that matter, ready to provide you with movies and games, or enabling you to answer e-mails or catch up on your reading… all during your natures calling.

This attractive looking chrome pedestal has a bendable gooseneck that allows you to adjust to almost any viewing angle that you might require, and it will securely hold your iPad (2, 3 or 4th generation) by simply sliding it in, and snapping it into the padded stand, complete with a solid heavyweight base that will keep your iPad securely in place.

So why not add some entertainment and convenience to your daily visits with a new Digital Toilet Paper Stand, heck, for some of us it’s the only 15 minutes we’ll have to ourselves all day, a game of Words With Friends anyone? Get yours today at, all for only around 43 bucks.

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