Troika Itty Bitty Pull Bulb


Once in a while, a gizmo comes across that will certainly tug at your heartstrings, just as it did to mine with the $16.99 Troika Itty Bitty Pull Bulb. This is one cute little light bulb for sure, and it is a perfect fit for all those huge purses that ladies love to tote around these days, as well as man bags that are all the rage. Definitely comes in handy when you are walking around in the middle of the night, and need some light to insert the keys into your house or apartment’s keyhole properly without having to fiddle any more than you should.

Of course, the Troika Itty Bitty Pull Bulb would also come in handy when you have to rummage through the seemingly eternal void that is known as your handbag, especially when you are in a cinema and need to reach for that Chapstick in double quick time. How about during those more quiet moments at night, when you are digging through your glove compartment? Of course, it is also ideal to light up a menu with your beloved at an intimate restaurant, it really depends on you. The Troika Itty Bitty Pull Bulb sports a mini LED light that has been shaped like a real ceiling light, and is made of chrome and white plastic.

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