Umbrella Leash – Keeping your Doggies Dry


Oh the joys of mans best friend, there’s something to be said about a creature that loves you so unconditionally. I’ve had a few dogs in my time and they were all special, and they all let me know they were fairly fond of me as well. I have to say that my daughter and husband were never as happy to see me as my dog. Sure, you might say it’s because the dog was waiting for food, and I might be inclined to believe that, but my family was always waiting for food as well! I really think my dog just loves me more.

I’ve never been one to humiliate my pup with boots, or coats, even during bad weather ,but there is one problem with our canine pals that had yet to be addressed, the way they smell when they’re wet! Sure, coming home from walking the dog with my hair all frizzy and my socks soaked through my shoes was bad enough, but when Fido sat down next to me shaking the rain off his fur all over my living room, and permeating the air with his pungent pooch-y aroma I knew there had to be a better way, and there is!

Welcome the Umbrella leash. This clear umbrella dome attaches easily to your dog’s collar, keeps your beloved buddy in full view, and properly protects them from the rain, sleet and snow. I have to say if your dog will allow it, its a much better option than one of those ridiculous plaid raincoats and it saves you from a living room that smells like a kennel, AND dirty towels. Just dont go out in the wind, you know, unless you have a really long leash.

The Umbrella Leash is under 20 bucks and is available from


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