Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin


The Crusades of the past were not exactly the brightest spots in the history of the church, especially when children were enlisted to fight the Pope’s wars, as different people groups went up against one another’s throats in the name of religion. Well, there is no point in moping about the past if you are not going to learn from it, which is where this cute looking $49.99 Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin comes in handy. After all, bad things should be remembered for history’s sake but discarded, and what better way to represent that other than the use of a trash bin?

The Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin depicts a 12th century helm shape that will also resonate with folks who are fans of all things medieval , and it has been transformed into a trash can. Made out of cast resin, it has been finished in faux metal style. Surely this is not going to be able to withstand the blows of an axe or a two-handed sword, but on the other hand, you can be sure that rust would not be an issue with the Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin. I can foresee kids putting this on their heads during play time, and keep my fingers crossed that they do not do so while there is still trash within.

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