Philips DesignLine TVs livens up your living room

I am quite sure that majority of our readers are technologically savvy in the first place, otherwise you would not be checking out this site, would you? Having said that, most folks in the US would have upgraded their TV to a flat screen display that is slim, in order to comply with digital signals some years back, meaning chunky CRTs are not longer in vogue. As for folks living in Europe, it really depends on your budget as well as the necessity of getting a large, flat screen TV in your living room. Philips thinks that it would not make much sense to jump over to Ultra HD resolution TVs like most of the other major TV manufacturers have done, but will instead continue to concentrate on a Full HD display that emphasizes lots on the external aesthetics without compromising on internal quality, which is where the Philips DesignLine range of TVs were born.

At first glance, it would be safe to say that Philips has taken design to a totally new level, as their DesignLine range comprises of one seamless sheet of gradient black glass, where it will lean against the wall without the need for a stand or visible frame. Now that is certainly a work of art, although I am quite sure any home with boisterous children who love running around and kicking a ball about in the living room would leave the parents in a difficult position – either the TV or the kids must go. No prizes for guessing which of the two will remain at home, of course.

The new DesignLine TV is not only light but transparent, where its frameless glass front displays a smooth flow from black opaque to transparent in standby mode, ending up as virtually invisible when watching TV. The inclusion of ‘Ambilight 3-sided XL’ will deliver a floating appearance of the Philips DesignLine TV, as the projecting light matches the color of the on-screen content precisely onto the wall behind. You will find the DesignLine TV series arrive in 46″ and 55″ screen sizes, as they hit Europe and Russia in Q2 2013 for a yet undisclosed price.

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