Lego creation launches paper planes


Before there was Minecraft, there is Lego, and one cannot deny the fact that Lego has done plenty to kick start the imagination of many a young kid. The thing is, while Minecraft has more or less garnered a loyal following on the computer as well as on the Xbox 360 in addition to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the physical and spiritual predecessor from Denmark, Lego, is still around – and growing from strength to strength, I might add. Lego bricks have long been used in creative ways to exercise the brains of your little ones (and adults alike), so much so that entire theme parks have been built around Lego bricks. Well, the more creative minds do come up with something interesting once in a while, and here we are with this motorized Lego machine. What makes this motorized Lego machine different from the rest is that it can fold paper airplanes, followed by launching them into the air afterwards.

If that is not brilliant, I am not quite sure how else to describe it. The motorized Lego machine is the brainchild of YouTube user “Hknssn,” where this fully-automated machine has its building blocks in a couple of Lego Mindstorms NXT sets and five NXT Servo motors. Measuring 150 centimeters in length and 40 centimeters wide, this machine relies on motorized rollers to pull paper from a tray, followed by rolling it along the system where it has been folded. At the end, you will find a compressor that will help launch the folded paper planes, much to the amusement and wonder for some starry eyed kids.

According to Hknssn, the current design of his Lego device is capable of launching planes up to three meters, although he believes that with some tweaking done, it would be very possible to come up with a model that launches paper planes as far as 10 meters, which would certainly have teachers in school up in arms if every one of their students had one of these in the classroom.


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